Software ERASAN

It improves production process and adaptability during coil making.

Erasan software responds to winding industry needs.

Saving time and cost in each step

Main features:

Storage bobbing models in removable SDCard.

Easy backups in any PC.

Big storage capacity.

10.000 bobbins of 200 windings each one in SDCard.

Total adaptability to make any kind of bobbin.

Bobbin with end layer:
with possibility to stop at every layer, just at the selected ones.

Piramidal bobbin:
with possibility to modify just left reverse point or just right reverse point.
Also it is possible to modify both points: changing point at every layer or at each turn.

ORTHOCYCLIC or “Pitch winding”

Bobina simple
when activated the guider moves step by step, i.e. the spindle shaft makes one complete rotation then the guider moves the programmed pitch in one step

Multiple functions during working process

it does not alter the bobbin that is making at that moment, to make it easier.

Total adptability to make any kind of bobbin faster.

Make a program is very flexibility and fast. Function as copy, past, remove, add intermediate bobbin, remove intermediate windings

Modify positions and diameters

Possibility to modify guider position, right o left, wire diameter

Parking function

Moves the wire guide to a convenient position to assist loading/unloading of coils or other kind of work on the coil. The guider come back at the same position.


it shows the time wasted in each bobbin. Very useful for control production.